The pride of Jen's Funny Farm is a small herd of fainting
goats. We currently have 7 nannies and 1 billy. These
goats are quite entertaining.   I have been out watering,
watching the herd grazing under a tree and a leaf can fall
on one of their backs and cause them to go stiff and fall
over. Anytime they become excited or startled they either
become very stiff and can't move or fall over.

We are trying to expand our herd a bit more but will be
selling some of the young billies and a few of the nannies
as they drop. Check out the for sale page and the photo
gallery for pictures.
Fainting Goats
These are pictures of some of the fainting goats "fainted".  It doesn't last more than about 10 seconds and does not hurt the goats.