For Sale

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For Sale
Updated 09-29-07
We have decided to sell our 13
month old jenny. She has been
with goats, but chased our
fainting goats and would bite
them when they fainted. She is a
great pet and loves to be
pampered. $125
We have a couple good bucks and a lot of nannies working
hard to get us some more goats for this page, but as hard as
they try they can't rush mother nature. We should have
more goats for sale in a few months.
My mother just made this quilt for our anniversary. We both
thought it was such a great idea. She was able to print our
personal pictures from the computer onto fabric and make it
part of the quilt!  I told her I thought folks might really like
them so we decided to put them on our website to see if
anyone was interested. If you would like to talk to her about
her possibly making one for you contact us and we will
forward your information to her and she will get back ASAP.