Photo Gallery
Just some photos for our family and friends, old and new.
Some of our Family
Our first pygmy babies,
Bill and Ted with their
momma Rosie
Jenna our first donk
born on the farm
Our bottle babies
There is not always time
to go get the trailer!
Bringing the fainting
goats home
Front of farm.
The barnyard
More of the barnyard
Jen with 3 day old Jenna
on the front steps
Jenny enjoying some grazing
Our first fainting babies
Jim cleaning up some
Jim and Becky with our
first fainting goat Sammy
Jen with Dandy and
Sam with Smokey
No longer have any of
these just a great pic.
Some of our goats
headed for grazing
Rosie and the twins
More in the barnyard
One of our first fainting
Becky surrounded by goats
Rex, a bottle baby
Some new arrivals. Tom's
twins and Tinkerbelle's little
brown boy.